Specializing in the treatment of OCD and anxiety disorders

Anybody can find themselves struggling to manage their emotional health. We can find our mind racing out of control, in what feels like endless loops of worry, regret, despair, or hopelessness. We may be at mercy of intense anxiety or crippling panic attacks. Or perhaps life has started seeming dull or lacking purpose, and we just want things to go back to how they used to be. Sometimes we can identify a clear trigger to our suffering, like the loss of a dear loved one or too much stress. At other times, unpleasant thoughts and feelings seem to appear out of no-where, which can leave us feeling utterly lost and helpless.

Fortunately, having worked with hundreds of clients has shown me that healing and relief are always within reach. As a specialist in treating adolescents and adults, I am passionate about using mindfulness and other evidence based-techniques to provide you or your loved one with support, understanding, and long-term healing. We can work together to uncover insights about the roots of your distress, teach you coping skills for more immediate relief of uncomfortable thoughts or feelings, and gently guide you in the direction towards the rich and meaningful life you strive for.

Please take a few minutes to browse through my website and learn more about my practice and ways I can assist you. It would be a privilege to allow me to join your space and together work on moving forward.

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